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Build a social media network to connect with various social events, industry professionals and individuals within 5 weeks with advanced technology

Follow the journey of Botrich to help in achieving the best social media platform that can happen within 5 weeks of software development, with Node and React. 




Social connection is necessary for individuals to build connections with one another. Botrich creates that platform where individuals can be connected despite their backgrounds. This is a platform that can grant you an opportunity to host or participate in various social events. You can find numerous professionals and companies who can provide various professional services of your choice. With the help of Botrich, you can publish about your professional service within an exclusive community of people or connect directly with potential members. Similarly, you can let everyone know about your social events through this platform and can sell tickets online.  


  • Business analysis 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Digital product development 
  • Web app development 
  • Mobile app development 
  • SEO 


5 weeks


6 experts


  • Identifying predictive clients 
  • Maintaining the security of the personal data of the clients 
  • Maintaining the fierce competition in the market 
  • Developing features to create interactive community 
  • Improve scalability and traffic of data 
  • Implementation of moderation tools 


  • Create a space to accumulate all clients 
  • Keeping their data secure through data protection regulations 
  • Keeping up with the competition in the market 
  • Creating unique content to be more interactive with the clients 
  • Improving app architecture to handle traffic seamlessly 
  • Moderating contents using smart moderation tools to manage healthy online environment 

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