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Ogma Conceptions is a 10-year-old web and app designing company based in Kolkata and we work with numerous other companies across India and the world. As a reputed web and app development company in India, we are capable of working with expert web designers, developers, SEO specialists, etc. When you partner with us for your web project, you will receive the best service that will help you gain the best result.

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Our Core Values

At Ogma Conceptions, we follow certain core values that make us different from the rest. Our prolific expert members will make your experience more wholesome.

Business executives

Key managers and executives like CEO, COO, CMO, CTOs will need the expert service to digitize their business and make it more useful for business.


Business owners and executives of companies will need to optimize their business with custom software solutions that will help them enhance their business with technology.

Startup founders

Most start-up companies need support for being new to the market. Their bright and innovative ideas will turn into a digital project with strong project optimization.

Web design agencies

Web design agencies will need robust technical expertise that will scale them towards a rapid success and finish their project within the deadline.

Project managers

The managers need to augment their team projects with specialized IT expertise that will help them deal with short-term projects focusing on niche business.

Marketing agencies

With the help of our specialized IT service and expert digital marketing, various marketing agencies and PR companies can unleash their creative projects.

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Ogma Conceptions can leverage extensive software development knowledge to benefit the clients and collaborators, aligned with shared interests and objectives. We will collaborate with clients across diverse industries, considering their unique business and technical needs. We will also extend a reward initiative for our partners engaged in various services depending on the project.

Perks of Partnership

Technical Exposure

Technical exposure: We believe in a partnership where you can delve deep into our various technical expertise that can become your best asset to your business.


We work with an ever-growing network chain and tons of clients across the globe. Our partnership will help you generate better revenue for your business.


We believe in having a beneficial and long-term relationship with our partners based on trust, honesty, fairness and equality that grows the relationship with time.

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We're happy to hear your project goals and turn them into a next-level digital product. Get a free consultation to make this happen.


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Small team, but Big in ideas

Ogma Conceptions has always believed in delivering the best digital service to its customers. Since the inception of the organization, we are delivering the best services according to the need of the customers by keeping up with the changes in the world of technology. Our fruitful work mingled with the updated technology have helped many people with their various needs. We hope to work more diligently towards our goal.

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