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Are you looking for mobile apps development company in Kolkata, India? Pick the phone and ring me soon. Ogma Conceptions is the best for services at affordable price. Roughly 40% of Internet use is now done on mobile. Of that 40%, app usage makes up the majority of usage. Smart phones allow a world of possibilities all at the touch of your finger. Applications must be tailored to individual operating systems and Ogma Conceptions has the experience and talent to bring you application to the iPhone operating system (IOS), Android (DROID) and Blackberry (Hyrbid)

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The Rise of the Mobile Apps

Recently Mobile Application has turned around to a new technology, since the launch of the iPhone in 2007.

Since the launch of the I-Phone in 2007, Mobile Application has turned around into a new age of technology. Since the i-phone launched, the variety and number of applications presented inside a mobile phone has also been increased leading to change in demands by the mobile phone customers.

PCs bridged the way to laptops, to mobile phones, to tablets Now it is easy for Mobile Phone buyers to get information faster as well as placing online purchasing, placing orders and read necessary information from his or her pocket mobile just by a mouse click. In a specific word we can say all the offline and online network job earlier done by PC, Laptop now can be available rapidly on mobile phone itself.



iPhone development is enjoying huge market with all the hype over iPhone and its application store. Ogma Conceptions were the global pioneer in creating profitable mobile apps for iPhone and iPads. Our robust dedicated iPhone and iPad app developer are proficient for building effective mobile apps with stunning features, elegant UI and effective code. On hiring our iPhone app developer in India, we implement Apple scientific features like Retina Display Optimizations, Map-kit, Pass-Kit etc to enable them to make your application gain instant hits and top ranking in Apple's App store and fetch glorious reviews across the globe, thus allowing you to create a niche of your own. Being highly sellable products of iPhone and iPads widely emerge as the best tool for popularizing your business through professionally designed apps.

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Android, product of the search engine giant Google is a revolutionary mobile operating system supporting numerous applications that has seamless functionalities. This led Android not only the top-selling smart phone operating system but also construct the demand of android development in the market. As a competitive market we identify the amount of the hard work, knowledge and proficiency required to deliver the high class quality results to our clients. That's why we indulge our best dedicated and experienced professionals who are well aware of the recent features and complexity of the projects. Our dedicated resource will ensure to provide you timely completion of the project and give you the updates at every steps of the process.

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The importance of the mobile apps development cannot be minimizing in this era of advancing device technologies. The user is more advanced towards the use of the mobile technologies and its applications. Blackberry runs simultaneously popular in race with Android and iPhone apps development and offers a lot of new innovative features. There are lots if flexibility in Blackberry app development in different platforms viz JAVA, MDS, J2ME and our development team are highly experience to make it an high class app in the store with top ranking review feedback from your customers. Hundreds of app been developed in Blackberry which help greatly in improving an executive's productivity. Blackberry web based platform also supports web frameworks such as Dojo, jQuery, PhoneGap, and Sencha. It's a process of full support for native C/C++ development for the Blackberry playbook tablet over a decade of time.



Windows 8 remains at top for its accreditation of introducing and popularizing touch screen technology among business technology. In terms of popularity in app development windows is growing faster in the race among all other smart phones. As a productivity app it's certainly the best platform. The Windows Phone SDK 8.0 includes a stand-alone Visual Express 2012 edition, or an add-on to Visual Studio 2012 Professional, Premium or Ultimate. As it contains emulators and various other tools so as its ease to develop and test the app in real world condition. Our expertise is all experienced in building and developing an impressive Windows app with better speed and an unforgettable experience to users. As there is other common business app, we realize the diverse of different clients and strive to deliver the services customized to suits their requirements better.


Facebook App Development

Apart from working as a medium for social contacts online but Facebook can also be a key marketing tool for your business development purpose.More than 300 million users daily using Facebook to spread their news and messages.By sharing the activities in a Facebook application integrating automatically into newsfeeds as well as on participant's wall, it's helping you to reach millions of unknown people and thus spreading your business idea, prospects etc (Say--Online Marketing system).

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Web Apps

Web Apps

These browser-based applications are optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Native Apps

Native Apps

Applications geared specifically towards iOS, Android and tablet, as well as software apps for Windows and Mac.

Marketing Sites

Marketing Sites

Websites that are product focused and usually involve a complex structure.