Information Services

From real time data delivery to data analysis, information service leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently.

Whether it's ensuring digital security and privacy or managing cost, Ogma Conceptions is redefining the way information services companies benefit from global services.

Ogma Conceptions helps information services leaders outperform in global markets


Ogma Conceptions Media and Information Services help you understand the impact of disruptive technologies and profit from boom in digital consumption.

Ogma provides an exponential growth of online media users in challenging the established business models for media and information services companies and creating new revenue opportunities. With our wide range of offerings, we are redefining how information services firms benefit from global services. Our Informational technology industry has been grappling with intense competition, continuous product innovation and compliance adherence. Necessities been also there for swift responses to global sourcing strategies, while trying to reduce cost and improve efficiencies. The focus is to develop smarter machines that talk with each other, further impacted by nexus of social, mobility, Analytics and cloud computing (SMAC) technologies, is redefining the way Hi-Tech players are doing business.

Client Challenges

Media and information services firms need to capitalize on the evolving product distribution channels while maintaining the current revenue streams by reducing the cost and increasing flexibility. Some of the major challenges faced by the industry include the following:

  • Erosion of revenue from the traditional outlets
  • Need to leverage new distribution channels
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Delivery of content, information, advertising and services anytime, anywhere - for less
  • Disparate and non-integrated IT systems landscape

What Ogma Conceptions Provides

Ogma Conceptions provides end to end value chain solutions and services for media and information services industry. From content creation and management to publishing and distribution, we have the capabilities to build, deploy and support the appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

Information Services

  • Integrated workflow management and editorial system
  • Content acquisition, integration and authoring solutions
  • Content digitization, standardization, centralization and management solutions
  • Information analytics, reporting and circulation systems

Business Value

With our strong domain experience, Ogma Conceptions focus on innovation and our capability to provide end-to-end service for the media and information service industry, we are the best positioned to understand the necessary changes and hence, can be a strategic long term IT partner for the industry and realize and enhanced Return on Content.

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