Education Technology & Personalised Solutions

Whether its improving students success or managing cost, Ogma Conceptions is redefining the way colleges and universities benifits from global services.

Education & e-Learning Solutions help them work better and work differently

From enhancing the student experience to achieving institutional excellence, education leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently. The current generation universities and schools are undergoing numerous shift brought up by technology in the field of learning. E-learning offers the potential to fully realize the paradigm of smart learning in order to meet the growing needs. Modern day e-learning has successfully removed the barriers between the learners and knowledge.

Mobile technology has transformed the world of education in such a level today, that it has now become very important for educators to bring knowledge towards every accessible device. Educators are always searching of new solution that could help them reach out more learners in easiest possible way.

Consumer and Industry Insights

E-learning has been widely commence by premier educational institutions worldwide, to provide the students with access to futuristic learning. Institutions such as Columbia University, Kent University, Harvard Summer School, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and many more have started offering e-learning methods. Unlike primitive e-learning methods, the corporation is making use of competitive and automotive e-learning solutions too, which is easily assessable and helps corporate learners stay ahead of the edge of learning.

When it comes in terms of mobile educations, Ogma Conceptions is your ideal technology partner. Ogma e-learning solutions target towards corporate learning focused on business area that can drive direct business results as outcomes. The learning solutions are analyzed, planned, developed and delivered to help business evaluate key performance indicators throughout their lifecycle.

Consulting & Solutions

Ogma Conceptions provide cost-effective solutions which help the educators rethink and rewire their learning, operations and business models.

Business Transformations

Our Business Transformations services help educators to engage and develop a social CRM strategy and select, design and implement solutions that enhance student's engagement and improve student institutional interactions.

Back Office System Support

Our back-office service implements and integrate data wire housing, ERP and other back office system. Proactively responding to student means doing more than just implementing the latest process and system. It also means implementing and integrating relevant back-office system to create meaningful metrics.


IT Infrastructure Service

Effective infrastructure is essential for supporting institutional goals. We provide a host of infrastructure services that help to improve learning outcomes, support decision making and enhance institutional effectiveness while controlling cost. Our Infrastructure service includes upgrading and maintaining enterprise application and infrastructure consolidations.

Education Publishing

As the education publishing sector is growing, we include online content delivery and digital products and services. We also offer repositories of learning assets, mobile context for the textbooks, tablets and Smartphone, learning analytics and the use of collaboration and connected communities to exchange knowledge and contain cost.