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Ever since I was a little boy, I had a fascination with watches how they looked and felt on my wrist¨how they worked whether they had automatic movement or mechanical movement and who made them? Along with my cousin Pete who had the same fascination, we both started collecting watches at a fairly young age. As technology developed, we both started searching for watches using the internet. We would search for hours on several watch websites trying to find the best deals possible. We found Ebay® to be one of the best tools for researching any particular watch and it soon became our favorite go-to website.

Uwatch is a wordpress based watch searching website. It has a feature like forum on watches.!!

THE RESULTS is 4 years old now and runs successfully over the Internet. It isn’t just a concept anymore.  It was a unique, fresh project, of course with a holdup or two, but not without some real awesome moments. 


The designers and developers used various tools for its designing and development. The designing tools included HTML, Adobe, CSS, Dreamweaver, jQuery, etc.While the development tools included PHP-My Sql with Apache as the web server. Javascript is the scripting language. It contains ‘Wordpress’ CMS Platform.  jCarousel is a jQuery plugin has been used

Amar Banerjee – Developer Sudeshna Dey - Designer


“Completed my projects to my satisfaction ”