Ticketmypal: A full fledged social networking website for the user to search latest event going nearby

Founded in the year 2013, Ticketmypal simplifies the, Discovery of Events and the buying of tickets for your favorite shows, concerts, corporate events and entertainment. For Event Organizers its a fast easy and convenient platform to organize,promote and monetize your events and shows.

Features Of The Website

Ticketmypal is owned and operated by Rilonza Nigeria Limited and is based in Port Harcourt Nigeria but provides event discovery and ticket sales globally. Contact us through the contact form or numbers on the contact us section of this page for further enquiries.


Discover events by browsing the homepage  or entering your chosen Location (city,state,Country etc),Venue,Event name,Organizer's name or Category (Comedy,Music,Business etc)  in our powerful search box or you can choose your location from the location drop down menu. Click on "Get Ticket" or you can click on the event to get more details such as names of Performers,name of the Organizers, Venue and Location details( a map showing the street  address of the venue),social media share buttons(an event gets more exciting if you attend with your friends)  ticket information as well as other details for the event.

One unique feature of Ticketmypal is the ability to spread out payments for tickets through our instalment payment option.

You can directly reserve or book a ticket and it will be store in your cart page. After finally decided to go for Buy you will be dericted to your billing account page where you will need to put your name, address,location and phone number of the Attendee in the shipping address field and from the drop down for "i want my ticket through". Mostly the ticket will be sent via email which we encourage user to print those and pass on the event with that print one. Its upto the event organiser whether they provide email ticket or home delivery. 


The designers and developers have made used of the latest tools and technological softwares. They used designing tools like Photoshop, HTML, XHTML, CSS, jQuery; while the developers used PHP with Apache 2.2 as the web server. For the CMS, they have used WordPress. Google Maps are also embeded in the webpage.

Ravi Shankar Gupta – Senior Developer , Manaranjan Dash - Senior Lead Designer

The Homepage Tells the Story

The client required a scrolling index page where every detail of the business is mentioned. There are adequate pictures illustrating lucidly the type of business the company is doing. The design of the navigating panel is simple and allows users to navigate to other pages of the site. A sign in section on the top left corner of the site allow users to access the admin panel of the site.


The Result

The site has been developed from the scratch, incorporating all designing and developing details as suggested by the clients. The design and development of this site are accomplished by the hard work of the professionals at Ogma. The company is feeling proud to successfully handle such projects with utmost professionalism and expects that in future it will continue to do the good work with full dedication.