SQZ Biotech

SQZ Biotech: Enabling the Next Generation of Cell Therapies.

Founded in the year 2015, FierceBiotech was renamed as SQL Biotech as one of the 2015 Fierce 15. Its the 15 most noteworthy private biotech companies in the industry.�

The investors having received significant interest from broader academic community, decided to start a company, SQZ Biotech to explore and explore and develop the potential of this promising technology. 


Through optimal internal research programs and external partnerships, SQZ Biotech is leading a revolution in scientist's approach to disease research and clinical therapies, developing novel methods to engineer cell function and harnessing the power of a patient’s own cells to combat disease more effectively across a broad range of indications..


The logo, tabs and the content throughout the website has been prepared after consulting the client. The website features five tabs, i.e., Company, Technology, Program,  Press and Contact Us tabs. We also incorporate WordPress CMS development framework to handle the Press tab where all relevant news are been discussed. 


Representing the thought process of the client, i.e., of making the masses aware about blood cells through their website by giving enticing contents was a huge challenge that was taken by Ogma Conceptions Pvt. Limited. As per the requirements of the client, their website was in dead need of a complete makeover. After several rounds of discussions and meetings with the respected client, the Ogma team came up with an idea of how they can represent the idea virtually that the client wanted.


Our client wanted the module of the website to be informative. Lots of Infographics used mantaining the biological aspects, only factual things should be give. The tabs, links and the panels were also inserted as per the clients demands. The designers have made use of CSS for the stylesheet, and JavaScript for the scripting language.

AMAR BANERJEE – CEO and Business Development Management , Jeet Banerjee - Wordpress Developer