Reaching Our Goal

Reaching Our Goal

It provides a platform for fundraiser and donor to raise fund for sports. It has few steps with exchanging emails to create a new campaign.

Our Story

Time is at a premium. Time is our most precious asset. It’s a race against time.  There’s no time to lose. We just don’t have the time. 

If you are the Coach of a team, the leader of a marching band, an orchestra director, a teacher running a student club or a volunteer group leader, the absolute last thing you need is another complicated time-consuming fundraising process. 

Getting more money is important, for sure, but keeping it simple and fast is your number one priority.  And it’s ours, too.   

That’s why we don’t ask you to sell cookie dough or wrapping paper raffles or organize silent auctions ... drop numbered balls from helicopters, send people on treasure hunts or run golf tournaments.  There’s a place for all of those things, but probably not in your over-scheduled, time-stressed life right now. 


“Athan is a great asset to our operation. He is friendly, communicative and dedicated. He would be a great member of any development team, works well under strict timelines and is a motivated developer on his own. ”

Adam MillerCEO