Primary Strand

Clicks Pose: Premier interdisciplinary Technology Management

PrimaryStrand is a premier interdisciplinary Technology Management and Innovation firmwith emphasis on strategic deployment of nascent or emerging technologies on to the market.

Primarystrand experince in quality, patient, Patient safety, Regulatory Compliance, and Business Management in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Semiconductor and Electronic Materials. With strong emphasis on premarket and post-market quality engineering, Nana Buffano(Founder of Ornanization & Management) has strategize and implemented efficient complaint and vigilance management systems in addition to providing support data for reverse engineering of marketed products.


The project assignment required us to design and develop according to the needs of the clients. The design part however has features and contents that highlight the essence of the business. Designing tools like Adobe, HTML 5, CSS are used to design the template. It is easy to navigate, is very much user friendly, is simple yet attractive, SEO friendly and very much browser-friendly.

Manoranjan Dash – Senior HTML Developer


Responsive design – it’s better and everyone is doing it, so. Mobile and tablet users are surpassing Internet surfing on desktops and laptops. Internet is finding its way into little pockets and so are websites. We had to strike the right chord, rain or shine.



The website is created according to the requirements of the clients. The design and development of the site have been handled by the best technical resource. The project was successfully completed within a fixed time limit and this helped to raise the company credentials thereby augmenting business.


“Ogma did a splendid job..We will recommend again”

Nana BufanoCEO