Lily Tea

Lily tea is a E-commerce Website

Lily tea is a E-commerce and cataloger website for the company. It provides not only online branding to the company as well as door to get leads and business.

Website is built up on Cakephp framework with mysql database backend. UI designed with HTML5 and mobile responsive css.

About Lilytea

Lily Tea Company's mission is to provide America with Ceylon plantation fresh tea from Sri-Lanka's award winning tea estates. We will introduce both casual and formal tea drinkers of all ages with new and traditional flavors of fresh teas imported directly from Sri-Lanka.

We focus on providing unique tea blends that aid in the treatment of aliments such as diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, insomnia, and high cholesterol. In addition to our health and welfare line of tea, we provide fun flavors using exotic fruits, fresh herbs and spices blended with premium black, green, white and red teas.