Honeymoon/Couples Travels

Here you will find your more intimate and romantic travel suggestions and destinations. We specialize in honeymoons, anniversaries, vowel renewals, intimate destination weddings, grand family affairs on the beach, and international nuptials. Romantic travel is truly a specialty for Lifetime Travel and we stay at the pulse of the romance travel industry to keep things new and fresh for you.

Features of the Website

Lifetimetravels is an online travel portal webistes where users can serach their desired holiday vacations with its room facility and images and many other facilities such as pick and drop from airport and many luxuiere benifits. The website follows different categories package on the top menu where it become easy for the users to search holiday package according to their choice.

The Prototype

The stage of building up a website prototype is the right time to find flaws in the design, fine tune and correct them. Scaling of content, setting the right font size and positioning of all sections is best determined during prototyping. So, after an informative briefing session, we kick-started with a blueprint plan very soon. In short order, our team-mates were busy casting the die for the webpages to be included, the position of the logo, the amount of content and the colors defining the LifeTimeTravels website perfectly.