Banking & Financial Services Outsourcing and Analytics

Whether it's convey innovagtions and deliverign new efficiencies and cost cutting, Ogma Conceptions is redefining the way companies benifits from global services

Banking & Financial Services Industry Overview


From cross channel optimization to managing risk and regulatory compliance, industry leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently.

Banking service is highly regulated and competitive market, banks need every advantage to exceed customer's expectations and differentiate. It's no longer enough to offer simple and automated banking service. Bank will always in need to offer a non-stop interactive banking environment in order to build loyalty and drive profitability. As customer demand banking is changing, brand-based banking models are becoming irrelevant and are unable to meet the rapidly evolving customer needs for real time access and simplicity in banking interactions. Ogma Conceptions is fully equipped and capable of providing right mobile solutions which can meet customer's expectation and build greater customer relationship and engagement.

Consumer and Industry Insights

Our consulting and solutions offerings help you run better and run differently. Our industry expertise and business solution capabilities are both deep and broad in financial services. Ogma Banking Services combines our process excellence with analytics and IT solutions to help reduce costs and enhance business efficiency.

Retail Banking

From origination to customer service to collections, our retail banking services drive operating efficiency and increase business process effectiveness, thanks to our business process and domain expertise in card services, payments, lending, and deposits.

Commercial Banking

Ogma commercial banking solutions combine a partnership approach with the power of smarter processes, advanced analytics, and targeted technology. Through industry-specific solutions, we help our clients achieve increased revenue, better margins, lower delinquency levels, reduced cost of servicing, and improved deal conversions.

Finance and Accounting

Ogma is a market leader in Finance and Accounting (F&A) business process transformation, with just only 3 years of extensive experience. Our comprehensive services encompass the entire end-to-end F&A process with comprehensive governance metrics.


Our consulting and solutions offer to run better and run differently. Our industry expertise and business solutions capabilities are deep in financial activities. Our services include:

  • Payments Transformation
  • Loans Origination & Processing
  • Mobile & Digital Transformation
  • Core Banking Transformation
  • Business Simplification
  • Business Analytics